Fellow Barber Shaving Set
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Fellow Barber Shaving Set

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This set includes everything that you need for a great shave.


-Fellow Barber Shaving Cream

This 4 oz. shave cream is as light and airy as it gets. The cream can be used both with or without a brush and is not too thick as too clog up your razor. The cream has a great glide to it and reactivates with water, and is naturally scented with essential oils.


-Fellow Barber Aftershave Tonic

8 oz. of aloe, witch hazel and essential oils make this product dirt-fighting, pore-tightening and all-natural. This product gently cleans away dirt and bacteria, while adding moisture, making it usable post-shave, pre-shave, no-shave.


-Fellow Barber Aftershave Lotion

This 4 oz. aftershave is the perfect remedy for post-shaving irritation. While it is strong enough to combat irritation, the scent is mild enough to wear daily without clogging your pores.  A more tame formula than the traditional tonic, the lotion is perfect for moisturizing by utilizing the healing blend of avocado oils and aloe leaf extracts.

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Sam Buffa

Sam Buffa set out to create Fellow Barber after going on tour for motorcycle racing in Europe. He was intrigued by the history in barbershops, and that they were a central meeting place for men to talk about politics, sports, and share information.

He created his own shop old-school barbershop with new age nuances in New York City. Fellow Barber shops have expanded into San Francisco, with two more shops in New York City.

More recently, Fellow Barber has teamed up with GQ Magazine to create the GQ Barbershop. The company is utilizing the space inside the Barclay’s Center by interviewing actors, sports professionals and politicians whilst they receive a crisp shave or clean cut.

The Fellow Barber team has since released an incredible product line that every man needs in their arsenal.


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