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6 Month Gift Subscription to Wet Shave Club (Includes Shipping within the US)

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Please note you are purchasing a gift card, you or the person you will still need to sign up for Wet Shave Club to start receiving shipments. Please see the “How it works” section below for details. This gift subscription includes our high quality brush and safety razor.


Wet Shave Club curates a box each month with the finest wet shaving products. It’s the perfect gift for a father, son, husband, boyfriend, brother, or anyone else!

In the first box you can expect: 2-3 oz of Shaving Soap, 1 Wet Shave Club Razor and Razor Cover, 1 Wet Shave Club boar bristled brush, 1 special goodie, and 10 Blades.

In the 2nd through 6th box you can expect: 2-3 oz of Shaving Soap, 1-2 oz of Aftershave, 5-10 blades, and 1-3 extra manly goodies that everyone will love.

How it works: 

After purchasing you will be sent via email a special gift card that will let either you or who you are buying it for sign up for Wet Shave Club and be sent for 6 months (non-renewing) our finest selection of products! The first box will be sent out within 1-2 business days after signing up and the future boxes will ship every 30 days after the first box ships.

Would you like it sent out a specific date? Easy. Just sign up the same month that you would like it shipped and send us an email [email protected] stating which day you would like us to send it!


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So this was compiled by our own Kevin Pereira: Pilot, entrepreneur, and avid wet shaver.  When Kevin isn’t soaring the friendly skies, he spends time trying out wet shave products from around the world.  This monthly collection is a set of some of Kevin’s favorite finds.


  1. Scott


    Who says guys are hard to shop for? Hands down the best gift ever. Can’t wait to renew once these 6 months are over

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